The winner of this year’s Nottinghamshire Farm Environment Award demonstrated that the standard of work on farms in Notts to benefit wildlife and the wider environment is as high as ever. Sponsored by Nottinghamshire FWAG and supported by the NFU, the award judges were bowled over by the diversity of habitats and work on the farm.

The winner of the 2018 Award is David Rose of S Clark Farms, Screveton, Notts. He will receive a special commemorative award and a £500 cash prize.

The judges of the 2018 award, Alan Munks and Wendy McCullin, both commented on how well all the habitats were linked with the very well managed hedgerows and adjacent grass margins providing excellent corridors for wildlife across the whole farm. They were also impressed by the established habitats for pollinators and farmland birds. Maintaining good numbers and a diverse range of flowers in margins and plots is not easy but judge Alan Munks noted how well this was being achieved even in the parallel headland strips of wild bird seed mix, pollen and nectar and grass buffers next to coppiced hedgerows all of which are helping to support the grey partridge on farm as well as pollinators.

The judges were really impressed with the woodland planting that had been undertaken on the farm. Working with the Woodland Trust and Nottingham University multiple plots have been established on the farm including one being grazed by sheep and one where the trees are set in wildflower strips. Trees can offer shelter and shade, provide wood fuel, help to reduce water pollution and climate-proof the land against flooding and erosion. The trials here will help to provide evidence and data on the role trees can play on farm.